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Description Price
1-2-3 Quilt by Better Homes and Gardens LSA4566 [PAGE A-B] 9.95
100 Tips from Award Winning Quilters (Ann Hazelwood) AQS7771 12.95
101 fabulous Fat-Quarter Bags (M’Liss Ray Hawley) CT10625 22.95
10th Anniversary Edition (Jodi Barrows) 32.95
12 Days of Christmas (Nancy Halvorsen) ATH536 18.00
16-Month 2009 Calendar (begins July 08) CT15058 13.95
1776 Quilt (Pam Holland) BP8109 29.95
2009 AQS Wall Calendar AQS7669 12.95
300 Paper Pieced Quilt Blocks (Carol Doak) B642 25.95
501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks (Judy Hopkins) B971 24.95
A-Z of Embroidered Flowers 19.95
A-Z of Quilting 19.95
Adventure & Applique (Suzanne Marshall) AQS7600 26.95
Adventures in Circles (Leigh McDonald) TPP886 26.95
All Beaded Up by Machine (Terry White) AQS7776 26.95
American Jane’s Quilts for all Seasons (Sandy Klop) B932 – November 2008 26.95
AnglePlay Blocks (Margaret Miller) CT10401 16.95
Anka’s Teasures (Favorite Quilts from, Heather Mulder Peterson) B817 25.95
Antique Animal Quilts (Mary Koval) 15.95
Applique – the basics and beyond (Janet Pittman) LN11118 20.95
Applique Jubilee (from McCalls) CT10635 26.95
Applique Quilt Revival (Nancy Mahoney) TPP908 26.95
Applique Takes Wing (Jane Townsend) B695 25.95
Art of Feather Quilting (Judy Allen) AQS6678 16.95
Artful Applique REPRINT (Jane Townswick) 25.95
Asian Elegance (Kitty & Sylvia Pippen) 20.95
Aunt Millie’s Garden (Becky Goldsmith, Linda Jenkins) CT10573 17.95
Award-Winning Quilts 2009 Calendar TPPC128 12.95
Baby Sew-fari (Fran Morgan) 16.95
Baby Talk (Sandy Gervais) 18.95
Baby’s First Quilts (Nancy J. Martin) B845 – November 2008 22.95
Baby Wraps, Quick & Cuddly Quilts (Karla Alexander) TPP916 19.95
Baltimore Basics (Mimi Dietrich) B789 23.95
Banquet of Quilts (Pam Bono) LSA4355 12.95
Baskets & Flowers Rhapsody Quilts (Ricky Tims) CT10620 19.95
Batik Gems (Laurie Shifrin) CT10627 28.95
Be Attitudes (Nancy Halvorsen) ATH534 12.95
Beautiful Blooms (Susan Taylor Propst) B872 23.95
Beautiful Borders, Backings, & Bindings (JIll Reber and Margaret Sindelar) 20.95
Beautiful Quilts as you go (Keryn Emmerson) AQS 6803 16.95
Best of Black Mountain Quilts B580 24.95
Best of Weekend Quilts by Better homes and Gardens LSA4571 10.95
Big Book of Quilt Blocks (Lynette Jensen) LN5305 [PAGE B-D] 29.95
Birds ‘n’ Roses – Applique Masterpiece series (Margaret Docherty) AQS7013 17.95
Birds of a Feather (Barb Adams, Alma Adams) Kansas City Star Book 25.95
Birds of a Feather (Liz Schwartz & Stephen Seifert) 9.95
Bits and Pieces (Karen Costello Soltys) B838 22.95
Bloomers (Linda Hohag) BWB19 20.00
Bodacious Applique a la Carte (Margie Engel) AQS7769 26.95
Border Workbook – 10 Anniversary Edition (Janet Kime) B802 20.95
Bundles of Fun – quilts from fat quarters (Karen Snyder) KR2301 19.95
Butterfly Album – Monarchs & More (Bea Oglesby) 13.95
Calendar Kids – Handprint Quilts (Marcia Layton) B809 25.95
Celtic Quilt Designs (Philomena Durcan Wiechec) 15.95
Charmed (Jodi Crowell) 16.95
Christmas Pickles (Nancy Smith, Lynda Milligan) POS65 7.50
Christmas Quilts from Hopscotch (Heather Willms, Elissa Willms) TPP944 24.95
Cider Mill Road (Nancy Halvorsen) ATH537B 15.95
Clever Quarters (Susan Teegarden Dissmore) B628 20.95
Collection of Quilt Preserves (Lynette Jensen) OP 17.95
Color your World with Princess Mirah Batiks CT10630 19.95
Colors from Nature (Debbie Mumm) LSA4540 19.95
Comfort Quilts from the Heart (Jake Finch) CT10607 24.95
Company’s Coming by Cabbage Rose (Barbara Brandeburg) 516-CC 15.95
Contemporary Quilts – design, surface and stitch (Sandra Meech) 19.95
Cool Girls Quilt (Linda Lum DeBono) TPP844 24.95
Copy Cat Quilts (Dawn E. Navarro) TPP868 29.95
Cottage Charms (Nancy Halvorsen) 15.95
Cottage-Style Quilts (Mary Hickey) B677 23.95
Country Fresh Quilts (Deanne Eisenman) TPP907 24.95
Crazy for Baby (Barbara Groves, Mary Jacobson) LSA4161 10.95
Create Your Own Handprinted Cloth (Rayna Gillman) CT10555 27.95
Create Your Perfect Quilting Space – Studio Planner (Lois Hollock) TPP919 12.95
Creating Faces (Barbara Owen) CD-ROM version 17.95
Creative Classics: 250 Playful Continuous-Line Quilting Designs (Laura Lee Fritz) CT10615 21.95
Creative Quilt Collection Vol 3 TPP934 27.95
Cutting Garden Quilts (Melinda Bula) TPP848 27.95
Dating Fabrics 2 – a color guide 1950 – 2000 (Eileen Jahnke Trestain) AQS6796 25.95
Dealer’s Choice (Terry Atkinson) 12.95
Dear Hannah (Brenda Papadakis) AQS6296 18.95
Dear Jane (Brenda Papadakis) [PAGE D-G] 27.95
Delightful Quilts in Bloom (Mary Ross, Barbara Scheu) AQS7602 26.95
Design Workshop (Ruth McDowell) CT10532 27.95
Dolly Mama Beads (Joey Heiberg) TPP962 21.95
Digital Essentials (Gloria Hansen) B-HANSE 28.95
Dream Landscapes (Rose Hughes) B943 26.95
Dutch Windmills Quilt (Anne Dease) EB1033 9.95
Easy Applique Blocks – 50 designs in 5 sizes with CD (Kay Mackenzie) B967 March 09 20.95
Easy Reversible Vests – Revised Edition (Carol Doak) B930 20.95
Encyclopedia of Early American Sewing Machines 2nd Edition (Carter Bays) 30.95
Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks – 1 (Marti Michell) MM8342 7.95
EQ6 Simplified 21.95
EQ6 Pieced Drawing 21.95
EQ6 Applique Drawing 21.95
Exploring Machine Trapunto (Hari Walmer) CT10168 20.95
Facts & Fabrications – Unraveling the History of Quilts & Slavery (Barbara Brackman) 23.95
Fast, Fun & Easy – Fabric Ficklesticks (Diana Taylor) CT10613 14.95
Fast, Fun & Easy Irresist-A-Bowls (Linda Johnson) CT10413 12.95
Fat 8ths and Friends Volume 1 (Marsha McClosky) ITB0067 9.95
Fat Quarter Frenzy Two (Daphane Greig, Susan Purney-Mark) AQS7601 26.95
Fat Quarter Small Quilts (Darlene Zimmerman) KR945X 18.95
Fat Quarters Log Cabin (Marti Michell) MM8042 8.00
Faux Applique (Helen Stubbings) AQS7778 – October 08 26.95
Favorite Applique Quilts (Mimi Dietrich) TPP790 26.95
Favorite Quilts Fast & Fun (Smith & Milligan) POS49 13.95
Favorite Traditional Quilts Made Easy (Jo Parrot) B924 18.95
Feathers & Urns Rhapsody Quilts (Ricky Tims) CT10574 19.95
Fig Tree Quilts (Joanna Figueroa, Lisa Quan) TPP824 27.95
Floral Applique (Nancy Pearson) 22.95
Flower Days (Kumiko Sudo) 16.95
Flowering Quilts (Kim Schaefer) CT10444 22.95
Flying Geese (Revised) (Eleanor Burns) EB1059 12.95
Focus on Batiks (Jan Bode Smiley) CT10336 25.95
Folded Flowers (Kumiko Sudo) 25.95
Follow the Line Quilting Designs Vol 3 (Mary Covey) TPP913 24.95
Foolproof Machine Quilting (Mary Mashuta) CT10618 20.95
Foundation Paper Pieced Stained Glass Quilts II (Liz Schwartz & Stephen Seifert) 30.95
Free-Motion Quilting Made Easy (Eva A. Larkin) B959 – February 2009 22.95
French Braid Quilts (Jane Hardy Miller) CT10432 25.95
Fresh and Fabulous Quilts (Cheryl Brown) B912 – December 2008 24.95
Fresh Look at Seasonal Quilts (Julie Popa) B792 20.95
Fresh Vintage – Fig Tree Patterns & Style FTQ#FV100 V1 N1 2006 8.95
Fresh Vintage Sewing – Fig Tree Quilts (Joanna Figueroa) B966 March 09 25.95
Fuse-and-Tell Journal Quilts (Laura Wasilowski) CT10611 21.95
Garden Delight (Kathleen Bissett) 8.50
Gathered from the Garden (Cindy Lammon) TPP898 [PAGE G-M] 26.95
Gigi Knits…and Purls (Karen Thalacker) TPP935 16.95
Holiday Wrappings (Loraine Manwaring, Susan Nelsen) TPP939 16.95
Hooked on Feathers (Sally Terry) AQS7732 24.95
I Can’t Believe I’m Quilting Beyond the Basics (Pat Sloan) LSA4430 11.95
In a Pear Tree (Nancy Halvorsen) ATH163 8.00
Indian Summer (Brenda Henning) 21.50
Instant Bargello (Susan Kisro) TPP931 14.95
It’s a Wrap (Susan Breier) B772 16.95
Jan Krentz Teaches You to Make Lone Star Quilts CT10677 20.95
Jane Davila & Elin Waterston Teach You Art Quilting Basics CT10678 20.95
Japanese Sashiko Inspirations (Susan Briscoe) KR6414 24.95
Just Can’t Cut It! (Pamela Mostek) B568 19.95
Karen K. Stone Quilts (Karen Stone) 25.95
Ladies’ Day Out with the Bonnet Girls (Helen R Scott) 17.95
Ladybug, Ladybug… (Teri Christopherson) 18.95
Let the Good Times Roll (Heather Mulder Peterson) ANK284 15.00
Let’s Do Lunch ATK606 16.95
Let’s Pretend (Cynthia Tomaszewski) B917 24.95
Lickety-Split Quilts for Little Ones (Laurie Bevan) B823 24.95
Link to the ’30s (Kay Connors, Karen Earlywine) B960 – February 2009 22.95
Little Box of Baby Quilts (Jenny Wilding Cardon) B812 19.50
Little Box of Quilter’s Desserts B779 16.95
Little Brown Bird – Applique Masterpieces Series CD (Margaret Docherty) AQS6303 29.95
Little Brown Bird – Applique Masterpieces Series (Margaret Docherty) AQS5338 21.95
Log Cabin ABCs (Marti Michell) 16.95
Loose Change (Claudia Plett, Le Ann Weaver) B910 24.95
Love Covers (Tricia Cribbs) FF107 8.95
Love to Machine Applique (Caroline Price) AQS7608 26.95
Luminous Landscapes (Gloria Loughman) CT10476 24.95
Luscious Landscapes (Joyce Becker) CT10303 20.95
Machine Applique for the Terrified Quilter (Sharon Pederson) TPP911 27.95
Machine Applique Made Easy (Jean Wells) CT10397 16.95
Machine Quilting – The basics and beyond (Lynn Witzenburg) 23.95
Machine Quilting in Sections (Marti Michell) MM8025 14.95
Machine Quilting with Alex Anderson CT10486 15.95
Magic Vine Quilts (Eleanor Burns) EB1077 19.95
Magical Hexagons (Martha Thompson) B519 24.95
Make a Quilt in a Day Log Cabin (Eleanor Burns) Fifth Edition 13.95
Make Believe! (Linda Lum DeBono) LSA4289 11.95
Making Memories (Debbie Maddy) CCQD129 16.95
Maple Leaf Quilts (Ilene Bartos) TPP866 [PAGE M-P] 26.95
Mastering Quilt Marking (Pepper Cory) CT10197 20.95
Measure the Possibilities (Nancy Johnson-Srebro) 11.50
Melon Block (Elisa Wilson) EBD09 17.95
Mindful Meanering (Laura Lee Fritz) 10616 15.95
More Elm Creek Quilts (Jennifer Chiaverini) CT10567 26.95
More 50 Nifty Iron-On Quilt Labels (Barbara Baatz Hillman) LSA4397 12.95
More Fabulous Flowers (Sharon Baker) TPP909 26.95
Mosaic Picture Quilts (Pat Durbin) TPP840 24.95
Mostly Table Runners (Jane Wnuk, Linda Green, Kathi Mundigler) **OP** 24.95
Needle Felting with Cotton & Wool (Jennifer Kooy Zoeterman, Linda Lenich) TPP883 19.95
Needle-Felting Magic (Margo Duke) B902 14.95
Neutral Essentials with Alex Anderson CT10531 16.95
New Cuts for New Quilts (Karla Alexander) B791 20.95
Nine By Nine – 9-Patch Quilts 9 Ways (Cyndi Hershey) 26.95
Old Time Designs in Continuous Line (Shauna Thompson) 14.95
On A Roll (Heather Mulder Peterson) ANK268 12.95
On-Point Quilts (Retta Warehime) TPP895 21.95
Once More Around the Block (Judy Hopkins) B610 22.95
One Block Wonders encore! (Maxine Rosenthal, Joy Pelzmann) CT10579 24.95
One Stitch Quilting – the basics (Donna Dewberry, Cindy Casciato) KR3189 19.95
Orchard Quilts & decorative accessories (Lynette Jensen) 25.95
Origami Quilts (Louise Mabbs, Wendy Lowes) DB731 24.95
Our Feathered Friends (Leslie Beck) 21.95
Out of the Blue (Brenda Henning) 24.95
Paper-Pieced Mini Quilts (Wendy Vosters) B846 20.95
Pathways to Better Quilting (Sally Terry) AQS6509 16.95
Patrick Lose Christmas (Patrick Lose) CT10445 29.95
Pepper Cory Quilting Pattern Collection (Pepper Cory) AQS7077 17.95
Peppermints & Holly Berries (Nancy Halvorsen) ATH530 12.95
Photo-Fabric Play (Krista Camacho Halligan) CT10626 16.95
Piece by Piece Machine Applique (Sharon Schamber, Cristy Fincher) AQS7073 17.95
Piece-By-Piece (Nancy Wong Spindler) LSA4591 10.95
Pieces of Baltimore (Pam Bono) LSA3579 20.95
Piecing with Pixels (Sandra Hart, Gudny Campbell) AQS7775 26.95
Piecing Workshop (Ruth McDowell) CT10484 25.95
Points of View (Valerie Hearder) [PAGE P-Q] 22.95
Power Cutting (Debbie Caffrey) DCM107 14.95
Precious Sunbonnet Quilts (Betty Alderman) AQS7604 24.95
Prettier Than a Picture (Tammy Tadd) 10.95
PS I Love You – 3 (Nancy Smith, Lynda Milligan) POS50 22.95
PS I Love You – 4 (Nancy Smith, Lynda Milligan) POS62 21.95
Quick and Colorful Applique (Rosemary Wilkinson) DB788 23.95
Quilt Art 2009 Engagement Calendar (Kaludeen Hanseen, Annette Baker) AQS7509 13.95
Quilt Revival – updated patterns from the ’30s (Nancy Mahoney) B757 20.95
Quilt This ! (Lynda Smith) AQS7774 24.95
Quilt with Confidence (Nancy Zieman) KR5939 24.95
Quiltastic Curves (Tammy Kelly) TPP878 26.95
Quilted Gifts (Better Homes and Gardens) LSA4558 10.95
Quilted Pillows for My Family & Friends (Tricia Cribbs) FF119 14.95
Quilter’s Block-a-Day Calendar (Debby Kratovil) C123 19.95
Quilter’s Coasters III G102 10.95
Quilter’s Coasters IV G107 10.95
Quilter’s Happy Hour (Lori Buhler) TPP867 24.95
Quilter’s Diary (Mimi Dietrich) TPP880 28.95
Quilter’s Edge (Darlene Zimmerman) KR9794 $23.95
Quilter’s Notepad: Cherries TPPG115, Stars TPPG114 $5.95
Quilter’s Pocket Reference 7.95
Quilter’s Stitch Bible (Nikki Tinkler) KR2034 25.95
Quilting Dot-to-Dot (Cheryl Barnes) AQS6900 17.95
Quilting in the Country (Jane Quinn) B826 22.95
Quilting Inside the Lines (Pam Clarke) AQS7072 17.95
Quilting for Joy (Barbara Brandeburg, Teri Christopherson) B927 21.95
Quilting Possibilities – Freehand Filler Patterns (Sue Patten) AQS7015 16.95
Quilting Season (Debbie Caffrey) 13.95
Quilting the Journeys of Lewis & Clark V2 (Patricia Hastings) 20.95
Quilting Through Life (Julia Toters-Zeigler) B754 20.95
Quilting Through the Seasons (Sharon V. Rotz) KR5513 19.95
Quilting UFO’S with Helen’s Hints (Helen Squire) AQS7777 24.95
Quilting With Carol Armstrong CT10257 20.95
Quilting With Jodie in Cotton Country (Jodie Davis) BP8052 24.95
quilts, bibs, blankies… oh my! (Kim Schaefer CT10606 26.95
Quilts from My Garden (Karen Snyder) KR5807 22.95
Quilts from the Selvage Edge (Karen Griska) AQS7609 19.95
Quilts in My Cubicle (Barbara Holtzman) AQS7770 [PAGE Q-S] 22.95
Quilts of a Different Color (Irene Bluhm) AQS7607 26.95
Quilts of Gee’s Bend (Beardsley, Arnett, Arnett, Livingston) hc 54.95
Quilts on the Double (Judy Hooworth, Margaret Rolfe) TPP859 26.95
Quilts Through the Seasons (Eleanor Burns) EB1075 19.95
Quilts with Attitude (Deb Karasik) AQS7773 26.95
Quilts, Bibs, Blankies…oh my! (Kim Schaefer) CT10606 26.95
Radiant Sunshine & Shadow (Helen Frost, Catherine Skow) CT10622 23.95
Remembering Adelia – quilts inspired by her diary (Kathleen Tracy) B942 March 09 22.95
Ribbon Star Quilts (Nancy Mahoney) TPP879 16.95
Ribbon Treasures From Celia’s Garden (Faye Labanaris) AQS7610 26.95
Ricky Tims Convergence Quilts CT10327 20.95
Ricky Tims Rhapsody Quilts CT10572 27.95
Rolling Along (Nancy Martin) TPP925 24.95
Romance with Quilts (Paula Vaughan) 16.95
Sawtooth – New Quilts from an Old Favorite (ed. Linda Baxter Lasco) AQS7615 26.95
Scrap-Lovers’ Quilts by Better Homes and Gardens LSA4147 10.95
Scrappy Bear’s Path (Marti Michell) MM8048 8.00
Scrappy Quilts (M’Liss Rae Hawley) CT10558 27.95
Sensational 6-Pointed Star Quilts (Sara Nephew) CVB21 14.95
Sew Easy Snowballs (Mary Covey) LSA3884 9.95
Sewflakes (Kathy Wylie) CT10608 21.95
Simple Chenille Quilts (Amy Whalen Helmkamp) B783 20.95
Simple Seasons (Kim Diehl) B832 25.95
Simple Silk Ribbon Embroidery by Machine (Susan Schrempf) CT10565 20.95
Simple Strategies for Scrap Quilts (Lynn Roddy Brown) B797 20.95
Simple to Sensational Batiks (Nancy Smith, Lynda Milligan) POS067 16.95
Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts (RanAe Merrill) includes CD KR6536 30.95
Simply Sensational 9-Patch Stars (Carol Doak) 23.95
Simply Stunning Woven Quilts (Anna Faustino) CT10568 26.95
Skinny Quilts & Table Runners (ed. Eleanor Levie) TPP828 24.95
Slice ‘Em & Dice ‘Em Quilts (Nancy Brenan Daniel) LSA3653 24.95
Small Blocks, Stunning Quilts (Mary Elizabeth Kinch, Biz Storms) B914 – December 2008 26.95
Snowball Quilts (Tammy Kelly) B805 18.95
Snuggle-and-Learn Quilts for Kids (Chris Lynn Kirsch) TPP899 21.95
Sew Fun, So Colorful Quilts (Barbara Groves, Mary Jacobson) TPP861 21.95
Spotlight on Scraps (Cindy Walker) TPP877 24.95
Stack-n-Whackipedia (Bethany Reynolds) AQS7772 [PAGE S-Z] 26.95
Star for all Seasons (Wendy Gilbert) EB1221 5.95
Star Log Cabin Quilt (Eleanor Burns) EB1032 10.95
Stitch and Split Applique (Jayme Crow, Joan Segna) B647 20.95
Stitch It: Quilts (Melody Lord, Margie Bauer) LSA4607 19.95
Stitched With Love – (Robyn Pandolf) CT15017 20.95
StrataVarious Quilts (Barbara Persing, Mary Hoover) CT10610 21.95
Stunning AnglePlay Quilts (Margaret J. Miller) CT10561 20.95
Stunning Stripes Quilts (Marti Michell) MM8051 8.00
Sudoku Quilts (Cyndi Hershey) B834 12.95
Sulky Secrets to Successful Embroidery 28.00
Sulky Secrets to Successful Quilting 23.95
Sulky Secrets to Successful Stabilizing 20.95
Super Simple Fat Quarter Quilts (Nancy Smith & Lynda Milligan) POS58 13.95
Super Simple Quilts #1 (Alex Anderson, Liz Aneloski) CT10629 9.95
Super Simple Squares (Nancy Smith & Lynda Milligan) POS52 13.95
Super Simple Strips (Nancy Smith & Lynda Milligan) POS55 13.95
Super Simple Triangles (Nancy Smith & Lynda Milligan) POS61 13.95
Sweet Life ANK283 15.00
Tale of Alice’s Quilt (Jennifer Blomgren) TPP906 14.95
That Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar 2009 TPPC127 16.95
The New Handmade (Cassie Barden) B945 – November 2008 24.95
Thread Painting Made Easy (Terry White) AQS7603 26.95
Threads from the ’30s (Nancy Martin) B434 28.95
Time for a Chain II (Nancy Smith, Lynda Milligan) POS066 17.95
Time Out Quilts ATK607 16.50
Times & Seasons Calendar & Quilt Book by Piecemakers Country Store – 2009 18.95
Triangle-Free Quilts (Judy Hopkins) B516 36.95
Tried and True (Sandy Bonsib) B714 20.95
True Friends (Nancy Halvorsen) ATH518 12.95
Turning Twenty (Tricia Cribbs) 7.95
Twin Peaks (Gayle Bong) B915 – December 2008 24.95
Twice Quilted (Glorianne Cubbage) B833 22.95
Twice Quilted (Glorianne Cubbage) B833 22.95
Twosey-Foursey Quilts (Cathy Wierzbicki) B799 23.95
Variations on a Theme (Terry Martin) B785 20.95
Vintage Gathering (Kaye England) 21.95
Virtues (Jeanna Kimball) Foxglove Cottage 21.95
Wagashi (Kumiko Sudo) BP8141 23.95
Warm Fuzzies for Baby by fabric Cafe 16.95
Wee Wonder Quilts by Cotton Pickin’ Designs LSA3898 10.95
Wildflower Sampler (Nancy Smith, Lynda Milligan) POS64 21.95
Wonder Blocks (Terry Martin) TPP870 14.95
Year of Paper Piecing (Beverly Maxvill) TPP900 26.95