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Here are a few of the things we carry:

Ott Floor Lamps.

18 watt fluorescent bulb with a tru-color full spectrum. The bulb and electronic ballast run cool. The quality of illumination is remarkable. Customers have said they can quilt again at night on dark fabrics using their Ott lamp. The bulb has an estimated life of 10,000 hours.

Our price is $174.95 Canadian. Shipping in Ontario is about $17.00 and to either coast about $21.00. We ship by Canada Post which is very reliable.

We also carry the 20 watt Swirl bulb which fits an ordinary incandescent lamp socket (Edison base). The electronic ballast is located just above the base of the bulb. Price is $54.95.

We can special order the other versions of the Ott Lamps for you on request.

Roxanne’s Products.

Glue-Baste-It. A water soluble glue in a bottle with an applicator nozzle. The glue dots temporarily hold fabrics together. Holds until moistened or washed. Price is $10.25.

Quilter’s Choice Pencils. 100% water soluble chalk. Sharpens to a sharp point. 2 silver, 2 white per package for $7.25.